Young People Risk Their Health

Published on 16 December 2010 by in Sexual Health, The Risks


There has been a lot reported over recent years about the risk young people put on their sexual health. We have seen teen pregnancies and STI’s increase. One of the reasons for this increase is the increase in binge drinking amongst the young of today. The culture has become to go out and get drunk as quickly as possible removing any self control which can have far more reaching repercussions than just passing out at the end of the night.

It is no coincidence that STI’s and teen pregnancies are rising in a very similar way to binge drinking. In fact it doesn’t take a genius to know that the young’s sexual health can be protected at the same time as protecting the young’s health in general by tackling binge drinking. Eliminate this and there will be without doubt a reduction in all sorts of things from liver disease to STI’s.

So maybe the future is to not look at the problems of teen’s sexual health and the things they get up to as a separate problem from that of binge drinking and even increased weight in some. It is time to tackle them as different branches of the same problem. Only by seeing why there is this type of behaviour can be eliminate it and help the young in many different ways.

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