We Do Not Take Our Health Seriously Enough

Published on 15 November 2010 by admin in Diseases


Many of us don’t take our health seriously and that is particularly the case with sexual health. In recent years there has been a massive increase in STI’s reported by STI clinics. GUM clinics as they are otherwise known are used for testing for all the STI’s known as well as counselling if and when it is needed. Over recent years it is becoming clear that sexual health is not top of people priorities.

STI clinics will give you all the information you need for your sexual health. You should to be totally sure get tested whenever you start a new relationship to ensure that you are both healthy. If more people did this as well as take the right precautions then there wouldn’t be the same problem there is today. Even a major television campaign has failed to help. Binge drinking hasn’t helped STI rates either.

It seems that people do not take sexual health seriously. A combination of a lack of knowledge, lack or responsibility and binge drinking has resulted in a huge increase in STI’s making the GUM clinics busier than ever before. Something serious needs to be done to begin to combat this problem. While many may find it embarrassing education always starts at home especially when it comes to sexual health.

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