Best Travel Tips for Older People

Published on 26 June 2011 by in Travel

Best Travel Tips for Older People

Prior to travelling, whether by bus, train or air, elderly people should consider their health status, UK passport renewal and insurance. In most cases, old age comes with memory problems such that they may not remember to renew their passport for future travels. If the travel documents are in order, health is the next significant factor to consider. Below are some travel tips for older people.

An older person should consult his or her physician prior to making any travel arrangements. The doctor will give important advice on the key health considerations to put in mind. Depending on whether one has any medical condition, the doctor will either discourage the travel plans, or administer a vaccine, or prescribe certain medication. In case the doctor prescribes medication, one should get full information on how to take the medicine during the trip. Depending on the destination, one may cross into foreign time zones. Here, the doctor should advice on whether to use the new time zones, or stick to the local ones.

Medical insurance is a necessity regardless of the destination country. Usually, older people are more vulnerable to health problems than young people. Medical insurance takes care of any medical expenses in the country of origin. This insurance might not cover such expenses in a foreign country except if the service provider is also available in that country. It is advisable for older people to purchase a temporary medical insurance plan in a foreign country, depending on the length of stay. Such an arrangement will cover any medical expenses, especially for those with prevailing medical conditions.

Other than buying insurance, it is essential to have a plan to seek medical care in case of any medical problems away from home. One may not know the best facilities to get when visiting a foreign nation for the first time. For instance, you might consider consulting the UK embassy for a referral. You may also consult any family members or friends living in the same country. There are also numerous sites on the internet, where patients review medical facilities of the place that they have to visit. This can also be a valuable source of information.

Older people are more vulnerable to pickpockets and thieves in the course of their tours. They must keep their passports and other valuables safe. They should avoid wearing expensive jewels on obvious display which would attract thieves. Other valuables such as cash, credit cards and traveller’s cheques should be kept safe to avoid the miseries associated with their loss, especially the passport. In case of any problems, one should seek help from the UK embassy, the airline or the travel agency.

Irrespective of age, travellers should avoid alcohol while on a plane. Alcohol dehydrates the body causing confusion and minor medical issues especially in older people. If the trip is long, it is advisable to avoid maintaining the same position for a long period. This can cause blood clots and other related problems. Walking about the plane or train reduces such problems. Older people should take enough rest in between trips and other activities during the trip.

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