3 Countries with the Most Health Problems

Published on 11 October 2013 by in Health

3 Countries with the Most Health Problems

Countries around the world experience varying levels of health problems. The variation in the occurrence and degree of these challenges is determined by multiple factors including logistical factors, budgetary deficiencies, lack of sufficient information, and cost of living. Countries in the developed and developing world are all affected by health problems for different reasons. Whereas the developing world experiences health challenges related to scarcity, the developed world usually suffers health consequences resulting from the adoption of negative lifestyle practices and the reluctance of the citizenry to practice appropriate nutritional practices. Some of the countries experiencing dire health problems include Sudan, Myanmar, and Russia. Health-related challenges in these countries contribute to the rising levels of mortality among people across the various demographic categories.

Efforts by the respective governments to reduce the prevalence of certain conditions have faced multiple logistical and financial challenges. Sudan’s health problems arise from the prevailing state of insecurity that has affected the Darfur region due to decades of ethnic conflicts. The conflict has led to massive displacements and deprivation among the various ethnic groups. As such, many families in the Darfur region cannot access quality and affordable healthcare services. The health problems in the region are compounded by lack of solid medical infrastructure to support the various kinds of interventions that the region occasionally receives from the donor community and humanitarian organizations. A trip to Sudan to witness the difficult health conditions of the populations can be achieved by acquiring the aer lingus phone number as a preliminary step. This would enable the acquisition of the most appropriate information about the destination including the culture and lifestyle of the people.

The Russian health problems are mainly connected with insufficiency in the medical provisions and a weak infrastructure that fails to meet the growing health needs of the citizenry. Like many other countries in the developed world, Russia suffers from a growing prevalence of lifestyle diseases caused by poor nutritional habits, overindulgence in alcohol, smoking, and other lifestyle factors that illustrate the modern patterns of liberal urban values. Russia reports some of the highest statistics of liver failure, different types of cancer, and diabetes among the young and elderly populations. Budgetary constraints make it difficult for the country to meet the high costs of medication for the wider public. The adverse health situation is further complicated by the recurrent inflationary pressures, which make it difficult for the citizens to keep sufficient disposable income for combating the various health challenges. Acquiring the aer lingus phone number would offer the best opportunity of touring the country to witness the attractive sites of the country.

The health problems facing Myanmar are deeply rooted in lack of capacity and general adversity caused by the land-locked nature of the country. Myanmar has existed for many years in isolation as a result of the despotic nature of its successive governments. Bad governance contributes to the poor health policies that have contributed to the myriad health challenges such as infant malnutrition, AIDS, cholera, dysentery, measles, polio, malaria, and other preventable diseases. One would require the aer contact phone number to arrange a fact-finding mission or interventionist trip to the country.

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