STI With Under 25 Year Olds

Published on 20 September 2010 by in Diseases, STI\'s


When it comes to sexual health it seems the message is getting lost amongst the young. The under 25’s are by far the most likely to get an STI and even more worryingly they are more likely to re-infected within a year. It seems the message is not getting through and the young are putting their sexual health at risk with lack of knowledge.

Facts about sexual health and STI’s are worrying with over a million people a day globally picking up an STI. While the most serious cases are HIV the most common is Chlamydia which can actually result in infertility. With many cases showing no symptoms many do not even know they have got it. In Britain STI’s have risen every year for a decade with the worst results being among the under 25’s. Genito-urinary medicine clinics are seeing a huge increase with almost every STI on the increase.

The problem seems to be that the message and the facts about STI’s are not getting through to the young who need this information to make decisions about their sexual health. Without it they do not realise that the actions they are taking are risky and can have devastating results. The problem of rising STI’s will continue until the facts get through.

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