Cosmetic nose surgery

Published on 31 July 2012 by in Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic nose surgery is an art and science that many people wish to have performed on them. Some might dispute the art portion of the previous statement but it is actually a vital component of the operation. If the surgeon performing either the open or closed technique does not have the proper artistic talents when sculpting a new nose for the patient then the possibility of revision surgeries becomes a much higher probability.

The actual surgery itself takes place with one of two techniques. The first is the closed procedure wherein the plastic surgeon will work within the nose itself without cutting the external skin. This technique leaves few if any visible scars and is the least invasive of the two types. However, for radical reconstruction, or augmentation the open procedure must be used. This procedure includes cutting the columnella, the small piece of skin between the nostrils, and lifting the skin of the nose up gently so that the doctor can perform at their best. Both procedures include the use of either a local or general anesthetic due to the highly sensitive nature of the nose.

Recovery time for rhinoplasty varies a little depending upon the nature of the surgery involved. Usually if no complications arise the procedure is completely recovered from within two weeks to a month. The most likely negative side effects are swelling, initial trouble breathing, ruptured capillaries that leave red blotches for a time, and in poorly kept environments used by black market doctors the risk of infection exists. Another unfortunate face of cosmetic nose surgery is that if the result isn’t what the patient wanted they will have to undergo another procedure to correct the issue.

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