Sexual health tests

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Sexual health tests

Where can I have a sexual health test?

There are various different places you can go for an STI test; these include:

●      GUM (genitourinary medicine) clinic

●      Sexual health clinics

●      GP surgeries

●      Contraception clinics (also known as family planning clinics)

Do I have to pay for the test?

STI tests and all sexual health services are free of charge on the NHS. You can get free contraceptives from sexual health clinics and your GP. If you do go to your GP and you require treatment for any sexually transmitted diseases, you may have to pay the prescription charge (some people are exempt from paying prescription charges).

What does the test involve?

Tests for men and women may involve the following:

●      Examination of the genitals, throat, mouth, skin, anus and rectum

●      Urine sample

●      Blood sample

●      Swabs from the urethra

●      Swabs from any blisters or sores

Women may also have an examination of the vagina and swabs from the vagina.

When will I get the results?

Sometimes the results will be available straight away and sometimes you will have to wait for your results. Sometimes, this can take several weeks. If you do have to wait for your results, you will be asked to give your permission for a member of staff to call you to give you your results or send you a letter with the results in an unmarked envelope.

What happens if my test result is positive?

If your test result is positive, a member of staff will talk to you about the infection and the treatment options available to you. In the majority of cases, you will be given a course of antibiotics. If you have a more serious, long-term condition, such as HIV, you will be referred to a counsellor and advised about your treatment options.

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Sexual Health Contraception

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When it comes to sexual health you cannot take any chances. There are 15 forms of contraception available that can help prevent STI’s or pregnancy. There are two types of contraceptive. There are ones that prevent pregnancy and those that prevent both pregnancy and STI’s. There is of course only one way to remain safe but with careful use of the contraceptive options you can remain safe.

One of the most common methods of contraception is the condom which can help to prevent both pregnancies and STI’s. In fact the condom both male and female versions are the only forms or contraception that covers you for pregnancy and STI’s. When it comes to sexual health you can use combinations but it is advisable that one of the methods is the condom. It is thought that the condom has a 95% to 98% success rate making it very popular and is sold at a price that is affordable. Because it is 95% to 98% successful a second form of contraception is advisable with the pill being the most common.

Simply put sexual health is a serious business and staying STI free with no unplanned pregnancies cannot be unstated. Take it seriously and use the contraceptives available and you will remain as safe as you can. It is the only choice.

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Important Sexual Health

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Important Sexual Health

For good advice on sexual health go to your local family planning clinic who will offer you free advice and give information on subjects such as contraception to allow you to look after your sexual health. You can get the details of where your nearest family planning clinic is from your local GP, nearest hospital, health authority or the phone book.

Family planning clinics can be used for everyone from the young, males, females and even under 16’s. There is usually a special service available for those under 16. To go to a family planning clinic you can refer yourself or be referred by another such as your GP. You will probably need to book up a particular time however rather than just turn up.

The family planning clinic offers advice on a huge range or things including contraception which can take a number of forms including specific advice on the pill. They also supply free condoms and emergency contraception. They also offer advice about pregnancy; STI and specialist services include topics such as sexual abuse, vasectomies and several screenings. So you can see just how wide the range of sexual health services is.

So if you have any concerns about your sexual health the family planning clinic is the place to go. They offer advice and services to educate and to assist you no matter your age or sex.

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