Gastric Band Surgery Works to Improve Marriages

When we say that gastric band surgery improves marriage, do we mean the relationship and the intimacy that includes sexual intercourse? Yes, we do.

People considered to be obese – 35 BMI upwards – who don’t have gastric band surgery are considered to have less fulfilling sexual lives and relationships – Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The reason is because the obesity is often accompanied by physical illness and medical conditions impacting fitness, and psycho-emotional well-being.

Linking obesity, sex hormones and healthy marital relations

Our sex hormones navigate our sex drives and feelings about ourselves – of sexuality. Obesity in men impacts their ability to have erections because of lower testosterone hormone levels. In females, the estradiol sex hormone level may be higher or unbalanced, reducing sexual appetites and energy during sex. Both sexes, when obese, have lower levels of energy and become “out of breath”.

Research reveals that weight loss surgery, such as gastric band surgery, is effective for weight loss which lowers BMI and increases testosterone hormone in men, while lowering the hormone estradiol in women. Participants feel more sexually energetic and better about themselves and their quality of life.

Gastric band surgery, marriage and sexual quality of life

Healthy balanced marriages include inter-dependence, respect, sharing of interests, positive feelings and treatment of self and each other, physical and psychological well-being and sexual intimacy. When one partner is obese and not well in body and mind, it can affect the marriage balance. The other partner’s needs may not be met. If both are obese, quality of life is challenged because excessive weight restricts movement, energy, activities, life choices and opportunities that are needed for well-being of people, quality of life and healthy marriages.

Gastric band surgery offers a way for obese people to experience better physical and psych-emotional health. Improved well-being enhances energy and the desire to do activities individually and with others, whether in marriage, partnership or friendship. If you’re obese and want to improve your quality of life, relationships and sexual fulfilment, speak with your doctor about weight loss surgery. It may save your life and your marriage.

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