Laser surgery has advanced significantly over the past ten years. It has developed into what some have commented as a ‘miracle device.’ Experts can now tackle cosmetic and dermatological conditions that were once branded untreatable, reinstalling confidence into people’s lives. You may ask what can it do for me? Well, below are just a few examples of conditions that are treatable through laser treatment.

Acne Treatment

For acne sufferers laser skin treatments far surpass other treatments for results and speed. It can clear the area of bacteria, oils and dead skin whilst shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce the oils. Many acne sufferers have noted how laser surgery triumphs over other treatments, however it would require continuous sessions to ensure long-lasting results.

Thread Vein Removal

For those who are concerned about the appearance of thread veins, also called ‘spider veins,’ help may be at hand. These are largely caused by skin damage but can also be hereditary. In this case the laser removes the damaged capillary by sending light into the affected area, which collapses the wall of the vein. The body then disposes of the material naturally.

Open Wound Treatment

Not many people are aware that laser skin surgery can speed up the healing process of open wounds. For ulcer sufferers laser treatments can help ease pain and discomfort ranging from the ache of diabetic ulcers to pressure ulcers, the latter of which occur in people who have limited movement and remain locked in one position for a long period of time.

Hair Removal

This works by sending light underneath the skin where it is absorbed by the follicle, impairing its ability to produce hair, while the heat produced from the laser damages the hair shaft, during which the skin remains unharmed. Although it may not completely eradicate hair growth on your first visit, with subsequent sessions the effects are long lasting and some people claim the more visits, the greater the results

Stretch Marks Removal

Laser treatment can decrease the severity of stretch marks by rejuvenating the skin. The laser nurtures fresh skin cell and collagen renewal. It is possible to see the results a week after the procedure, but this varies from person to person. The patient may be required to have a few treatments before results on a bigger scale can be seen.

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