Sexually Transmitted Infections

Published on 22 October 2010 by in Infections, STI\'s


The sexual health of the nation is becoming a large problem with the UK now leading Europe in infections of sexually transmitted illnesses or STI’s. With almost each type of infection we are seeing an increase year after year and even more worryingly some of the young are getting re-infected with the same disease just months after being treated for it before.

The question has to be asked why so many people are putting their sexual health at risk time and time again. Linked to this is also the huge increase in unplanned pregnancies which as you can imagine is increasing in a similar way. One reason suggestion is that teens of today are put under pressure in a world that seems to always be about sex. While in my day there was teen pressure it seems today if you are not sexually active then you are in the minority.

The problem is that the young are not yet fully developed and are not grown up enough to make the correct decisions about their sexual health. There is a question over whether sexual health studies at school are detailed enough and if they are targeted at kids young enough. There is also a question about what teens think of themselves. Many do not have a strong identity and with decreasing standards of role models a clear message is getting lost. When your role model has 3 kids with 3 different fathers what does that say?

It seems that despite years of STI increases the problem is far from being solved. Kids today put their sexual health at risk on a daily basis and until we can work out why the problem will continue to get worse.

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